Friday, December 5, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Despite all the shit I talked, it turns out you can run faster than me.
No matter how hard I breathe, pushing till my lungs are bursting,
I just can't keep up with the speed at which you pull away.
Since our last race I've trained and trained, even tried to race another after you hit your stride for a while.
But I'm starting to think it wasn't enough.
And in my head it worked out so differently -- I was pushing past you, catching a glimpse of your face as I pass, and we both smile knowing this is how it was always meant to be.
But in reality all I can see is the back of your head, the bottoms of your shoes, choking on the dust of your wake.
I submit defeat, just slow down for me darlin'.

6 comments: said...
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aneko said...

hmm a little technical issue but i got the hang of blogger.

Ohhh I like the flow of that muse... a poem but without being limited by form. Very romantic and reminds me of the never ending quest of chasing boys or chasing girls.

kyle said...
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kyle said...

Autumn Leaves.

As I sit under the trees, the autumn leaves change color slowly.

Love is what I'm thinking of, ever so passionately.

Ink flowing softly and quietly because poets don't write their thoughts through a pen... they release the love that flows from within their heart.

Mind, thought and spirituality, all in synch; not apart.

Autumn leaves blowing past my feet, reminding me of the love for whom I only wish to be the pool from which you sip, every single drop promising endless passion.

Thoughts scratched down on paper, endlessly burrowing their way in to eternity, a driving obsession.

Leaves rustling, crunching, endless feelings.

Thinking of you, my mind wanders, knowing of endless dealings.

It was you, the special person in my life that makes me live.

My love for you, is all I have to give.

Ink spills onto the autumn laced ground, waking me from a dream.

I look up, and see you standing there, standing in the light, a heavenly beam.

I stand, wrap my words in to their secure home.

Tucking them into a small old tome.

I walk over to you.

Your eyes glistening like the autumn morning's dew.

Your eyes beautful and clear.

I whisper the three most important things into your ear.

I love you.

99thdream said...

Ouch. Very well done, Anthony.

CrazyLikeCatfish said...

Here's a song lyric that came to my mind when I read your post:
"It's always the same with the games that we play where the boys chase the girls and the girls run away, but you never went running i'm surprised that you stayed, for me, with me."
Just got to find the one that stays..