Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I want you back like you used to be

But I can't make you do shit.

I can, however, write a song about it:



Doug Williams said...

Wow Anthony, that song is absolutely gorgeous. You have a great point of view and a great talent, musically.

Content-wise I have a fairly hard time relating, but can certainly feel a tinge of where you are coming from.

I really hope to get to hear more music from you. It is great.

rmesi said...

Great song. I hope that things work out for you so we can hear some up beat songs too (but this is still excellent stuff that a TON of people can connect with)

Josh said...

Great Song dude. Who is the second voice? Is it just you again?

Semerus said...
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Jamiew said...

I enjoyed that thoroughly, quite the style I relate to somehwere between Damien Rice and Jose Gonzalez. I'm very intrested to hear more material.