Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Song lyrics as requested

You were a gamble a chance I did take,
Within weeks I was your mistake,
you would up in arms that felt familiar,
but I always knew he didn't love you.

And as the days passed I pushed you away,
I'm sorry it was the only way I stayed sane,
Tried to deny all the times you were in my head,
I guess I always knew that i loved you.

In desperation you'd hop aboard a train,
and riding to me you know it's not the same,
and holding my hand you looked at me and said
I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Don't let this be how it ends,
I don't think I can pretend again,
That I don't know what it's like to hold you.

I love you.
And all you do.
Flaws and all.
I'll take them all.

You were a gamble a chance I did take,
Please don't let me be your mistake,
Just reach out and grab my hand again,
Say it to me,
I love you.


iceveiled said...

This blog is public, and yet it seems like it's only for one person...

P.S - the word verification code I had to type to submit this comment was "prons"

Khalid said...

It's probably too much to ask but, do you have the chords and whatnot written down? If so can you post them up aswell? If not, it's fine, I'll try my best to learn by ear.

Stalker said...

A really amazing song. The emotions and feelings coming from you and the lyrics are so powerful. I teared up on the "I love you" chrous. The one thing I like that about your music is sincerity. I believe you can make some really great music that's nice to listen to.

Anonymous said...

what's the name of this song? it's beautiful